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We believe immigrants and international adoptees have a right to U.S. citizenship. We contribute to America’s growing economy, rich culture and help make America a prosperous nation. We are grounded in family values, community service and the importance of civic engagement.
Goal $100,000.00
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Join us by donating to the #Citizenship4All Campaign.

This Campaign will:

  1. Provide information and assistance for community members to become citizens.
  2. Educate community members about their rights under the law.
  3. Organize and advocate for policy changes that will allow more proud Americans to become citizens.
  4. Train hundreds of volunteers to support the community by conducting outreach and assisting with citizenship applications.

Donations will be used to purchase a #Citizenship4All Van that will travel across numerous cities to provide immigration information and assist with citizenship applications.

Reasons to support this Campaign:

  1. Even though they were adopted by U.S. citizen parents, an estimated 35,000 international adoptees do not have citizenship.
  2. 11 million undocumented immigrants, many whom have families, deserve a pathway to citizenship.
  3. The citizenship process must be more affordable and accessible to green card holders.
  4. Community members in cities without strong community based organizations lack access to naturalization and immigration legal services.

These aspiring new citizens will make our community and nation stronger and more prosperous.

Join this campaign by making a donation of $1 or $5 OR volunteer with us for the #Citizenship4All Van!