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Deferred Action (DACA) Renewal and New Application Workshop Signup

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Don't let your Deferred Action expire! You can attend a free informational workshop. KRC will provide individual assistance to those who attend the workshop and become a KRC "Dream Member". (More information on the Dream Membership will be available shortly)

  • You can now submit a renewal application to USCIS. The official form and procedure have been released and they are available at USCIS.GOV
  • Renewals will cost $465 – start saving.
  • We believe USCIS will recommend applying 3 months before your DACA expires to ensure that your DACA will be renewed on time.
  • 5 Months is the earlier you can apply. If you apply earlier than 5 months, your application will be returned to you.
Please do not submit the form twice with the same email address for two siblings. Given how our database works, we will lose your first submission. Instead, either 1) submit each form with a different email address, or 2) write the second sibling's information in the "Questions" section below.
DACA Application Status
Deferred Action Assistance
You need to attend an informational workshop and become a KRC member to receive individual assistance. To attend a workshop, please select a workshop from the below list. If the below date(s) don't work for you, don't check the box and we'll let you know when the next workshop date becomes available.
Personal Information
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KRC provides DACA assistance in English and Korean. Other languages are listed for survey purposes.
Morning, Afternoon, and Evening are weekday times.